For UV Curing ballast, the capacitor controlling voltage output for your
“UV Curing systems” (the uv lamp power supply), Capacitor are a critical component to consistent curing performance. TAS UV Curing offer the capacitors to suit the specific switching requirements of most power supplies available today, If you aren’t sure of your specific needs, We can help you determine which unit of combination of units would best suit your needs. We are confident that we can obtain any capacitor that you need.

Specification :

Micro Farads Range : 0.1 uF. – 30uF.
Voltage Range : 450V – 3,200V.
Terminal type : Stud type, Blade type (tap connector)
Body type : Round type, Rectangular type

** Many capacitor on one body are available ( the sample: 10 uF + 8uF + 5uF + 1.5 uF)

Capacitor Form


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