Get Ready To Break Some Rules!


TAS UV is proud to announce the first generation version of the UV
LED Cure-All. This UV LED lamp has been curing samples at astounding
rates and is the first commercial UV LED that truly works.
This amazing new resource can simply perform in ways that current lamps
cannot. In order to truly maximize the potential of this lamp technology, you
need to forget all of your current assumptions in regards to how UV curing
works. So far in early testing, this lamp is defying accepted limitations on
existing UV technology. It is simply doing what it should not be allowed to do.
It's curing faster. Its power consumption is minimal. The mechanism of cure
is operating beyond current standards, due to the fact that this lamp is 100%

So, it's breaking some rules. We're OK with that. Are you?

• Instant on/instant off
• Emits no heat
• Lamp life over 50,000 hours
• Non-hazardous lamp
• Powered by universal power
wall adapter
• Scalable-- can be made as
big as needed (from 1”-1000’)
• Available with a collimating lens
• No shutters needed
• Able to cure heat sensitive substrates
• No costly replacement parts
required-- no downtime!
• Greatly expands market potential
to include areas previously
unavailable to UV technology
• Collimating lens provides 25% boost
in performance

Curing safely, efficiently, unlike any other UV lamp

Now available as a modular component. Build to suit your exact need and space requirements!

Item No. Description Price
TA160-003415nm with lens 21,500
TA160-004390nm with lens 22,500

Verified Formulations:

• 3 Bond
#3015B Potting Compound
• DSM Desotech
DVD Bonding Adhesive #650-037

Desobond Adhesives
DVD Bonding Adhesive #956-101
DVD Bonding Adhesive #956-104
Optical Adhesive #956-105
Optical Adhesive #956-106

Desotech DVD Adhesive #650-021

• Dymax Adhesives
Plasic Bonder- Conformal Coating
• Norland Products Inc.
#76 Optical Adhesive

• Wavelength: 390, 415nm
• Radiant Flux Output 415:153.6 390.8mW , 390:209.4-545.0mW
• Operating Wattage Range 415: 2.5-7.95W , 390: 2.8-9.3W
• Power: 100-240V, 47-63 Hz
• LED’s in Array: 40

• Ink Jet
• Narrow Web Flexo
• 3-D Curing
• Wire Marking
• Wood Repair/Finishing
• Wire tacking
• Medical Assembly
• Contact Lenses
And more...

• Curing adhesives in our tests at rates of 1/2 - 1 seconds



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